This is a gentle, rhythmic massage that relaxes the soft tissue of the body. It helps alleviate stress, tension and contributes to a sense of overall well-being. Its lighter to medium touch includes long flowing strokes to assist with deep relaxation.



Medium to deep tissue massage for those with pain and muscular dysfunction. May use Trigger Point Therapy and Precision Neuromuscular Therapy, aimed at the deeper tissue structures to release chronic muscle tension, “knots”.



Pamper those tired feet in a warm soak with essential oils. Massage and applying pressure on reflex points of the feet releases stress and tension in the body.



Application and use of essential oils for body and mind support.



Works with the energy fields of the body to promote stress reduction and relaxation while enhancing the body’s natural ability to heal itself. This energy healing treatment will restore, balance and provide vitality for your body, mind and spirit.



The most powerful sound vibrations for moving energy and healing are vocal sounds, i.e.: toning and chanting.  Many cultures recognize the importance of music and sound as a healing modality today.  The magnetic field or fields around our physical bodies are scientifically established.  This includes the Aura.  Scientifically, the Aura is called an Energy Field.  Ancient Egyptians knew how to use Vowel Sounds to resonate their Energy Field and energy centers in the body or Chakras.  This field holds all memory for the body, including vibrational/tonal memory for health.  This ancient technique uses hard and soft vowel sounds to resonate the Aura and Chakras to break up blockages and shift energy bringing about smooth and natural energy flow.



Incorporating the use of intuitive massage and reiki. Awakening body, mind, spirit and balancing the body’s energy centers to promote relaxation and pain reduction.